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Dental Consultation - Fresno

Once Dr. Gill completes the examination, she will take all of the diagnostic information and assimilate it into a comprehensive treatment plan exclusive to his extensive training and knowledge in this field. She will then discuss his findings and present you with a personalized treatment plan, along with alternatives. Along the way and at the end, you will have enough time to ask all of your questions.


Sometimes, based upon Dr. Gill’s findings, a second consultation will be recommended. You don't have to worry about being rushed into accepting any sort of treatment and all of your questions and concerns will most definitely be addressed prior to initiating any treatment.


Dr. Gill’s approach to dental care is based on his philosophy that education is the best form of preventive medicine. Preventive dentistry is by far much less expensive than any other alternatives. Not to mention, an informed patient feels much less apprehension and fear in regards to his/her dental visits.


The treatment plan acts as a road map and we will follow it as it was outlined during the consultation. We also make sure to address your individual level of comfort at each and every appointment. Our practice offers a LCD TV and IPod headphone for your enjoyment. If it is medically needed or requested, we can also administer N2O (laughing gas) or I.V. sedation.

Dental Consultaion Fresno CA