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Fresno Dental Diagnostic Tools

Full mouth x-ray series (FMS). If your prior dental experience did not include a FMS or the FMS is not complete or diagnostic in nature, then we recommend another to be taken. This is a crucial procedure because according to the ADA, dental pathology is visible on 90% of FMS.

We have believed in and enforced eco-friendliness in our office.

Our office has utilized Digitized Radiography which means no lead or toxic X-ray developing solution disposal. Your x-rays are no longer featured on film or processed with chemicals that are unsafe for the environment, but instead are taken by the computer. Digitized Radiography


This procedure involves the use of a small sensor that is briefly placed inside the mouth while an x-ray is taken. This sensor acts like a tiny camera that is more sensitive to x-ray light than normal light, able to capture details rarely visible on film.


The advantages of Digitized Radiography are:

  • health services dental  80-90% less radiation to the patient
  • full mouth x-rays  Larger diagnostic image
  • tooth exam  Image that can be modified or enhanced
  • periodontal dentist  Electronic transfer to a referring dentist for a second opinion as well as your insurance carrier.


If required in your treatment, study models mounted on an articulator. This is truly the only way for the clinician to thoroughly diagnose your bite and esthetics and determine the best position and outcome of your individual case.

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