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What to Expect from Fresno Dentist?

This information should help you answer the question “What should I expect at my first dental visit if I am a new Patient?”


You have more than likely been referred to us by one our satisfied patient. You should feel free to call our office staff for any questions that you may have. If you have registered online, you would get emailed a welcome letter within one to two business days. In addition to medical paperwork it would have a questionnaire about your assessment of your smile. You can print bring all the competed forms with you or you may fill them online or.


We also request your permission to have your previous dentist release your health information. Now you are all set for your first visit with us!


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a friendly staff who will lead you into Dr. Gill’s private office. Once there, you will both discuss in confidentiality your medical and dental history and your goals and expectations regarding your treatment. Ample time is allotted for each appointment to insure that all of your questions and concerns are discussedand you verbalize the understanding.Then, you will be taken to one of our treatment rooms for the

Following work-up:


Fresno Dental first visit  Intra-oral camera tour of your mouth: This will give you a first-hand view of the condition of your gums, teeth and fillings on a color TV screen. We will also take a picture of your smile so you can see how other people see you. These images will be stored for future evaluation, analysis, and comparison.


Fresno Dental Expectation  Oral cancer exam: We will do extra-oral and intra-oral exam to rule out any potential pathology.


Fresno Dentist Visit  TMJ and Masticatory muscle palpation would be done.


What from Dentist Fresno  Occlusion assessment and Bite classification and analysis.


Aesthetic Edge® Fresno Dental  Periodontal examination: This exam would include evaluation of gingival tissue tone, texture and color, furcation involvement, attached gingivae and fremitus.


Fresno Dentist Aesthetic Edge®  Hard tissue exam: Examination, charting and analysis of existing fillings and any new decay shall be done.

What to expect - Fresno Dental